Protesters Blast Dr. Ford’s Testimony Outside of Brett Kavanaugh Speech


You can run, predators, but you can’t hide.

Because the Federalist Society’s hand-picked for SCOTUS, infamous drunken frat boy and oft-accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh is the keynote speaker for their annual gala, the attendees were greeted with the blaring testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as they entered the gala, courtesy of We Demand Justice.

Video captured by journalist Matt Laslo:


The clip is the heartbreaking part of Ford’s testimony during which she described the threats she received prior to testifying. Those threats only grew after she testified, and her entire life has been destroyed due to her brave choice to speak out about Brett Kavanaugh’s poor character and lack of fitness for the Supreme Court.

Naturally, Facebook – which assisted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 – is a “gold circle” sponsor of the very right wing 2019 National Lawyers Convention held Thursday evening in Washington DC.

“Facebook should not be sponsoring the rehabbing of Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation when Dr Blasey Ford remains unable to resume a normal life after bravely coming forward last year. You can claim to respect survivors of sexual assault or you can pay for a celebration of Brett Kavanaugh, but you can’t do both,” senior counsel for Demand Justice Katie O’Connor told the Verge, which also reports that Ultra Violet supports the campaign.

The Federalist Society’s vice president Leonard Leo pushed Kavanaugh to be the nominee and have, in fact, been behind the Republican strategy to pack the courts with conservatives, after realizing they could no longer win the majority of the public’s approval.

Because Republicans refused to actually vet Kavanaugh, we still don’t know who paid his credit card and country club debts, leaving open the suggestion that he is vulnerable to being blackmailed, much liked President Trump.

As the nation ponders the fate of our young democratic republic amid impeachment hearings that are revealing the President to be a selfish, thuggish traitor and our media tells us impeachment is boring, protesters brought reality home tonight.

By blasting the Federalist Society’s black tie attendees with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s disturbing testimony about Justice Kavanaugh’s sexual assault, the protesters reminded each one of us that every single time we speak up, we give someone hope and spark courage.

Dr. Ford sacrificed her life as she knew it to speak out. One day this writer hopes she will be honored as the hero she is.

Update 8:17 PM: Politico reporter Burgess Everett captured this photo of the scene outside: