Trump Turns Rally For Louisiana Governor’s Race Into An Impeachment Therapy Session

The unraveling president went to Louisiana on Thursday to rally support for GOP candidate Eddie Rispone in the state’s upcoming governor’s race, but he turned the event into another self-serving impeachment therapy session.

“The radical left – Democrats – is ripping our country apart,” the president said to kick off his impeachment tantrum. “They’re trying to overthrow American democracy and erase the votes of tens of millions of Americans.”

He added, “The absolutely crazed lunatics, the Democrats, radical left, and their media partners standing right back there are pushing the deranged impeachment witch hunt for doing nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong, and they’re doing nothing.”

To underscore just how weak the president’s impeachment defense is, Trump also resorted to attacking the physical demeanor of Bill Taylor and George Kent, the two men who testified earlier in the week.

Trump referred to the witnesses as “never Trumpers.”

At one point during the rally, Trump started reading print-outs of news stories to the crowd to show that he’s completely innocent.

And, of course, the adult president recycled his attacks on Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Ultimately, Trump made it very clear that he is desperate to make up for his humiliating loss in Kentucky by begging the crowd to “give me a big win, okay?”

Lousiana is at risk of being the next Kentucky

A little over a week ago, the president was dealt a devastating blow when the Republican candidate he campaigned for in Kentucky, Matt Bevin, lost the governor’s race to Democratic opponent Andy Beshear.

On Saturday in Lousiana – a state Trump carried by 20 points in 2016 – the president could potentially suffer a similar loss as Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is locked in a dead heat with GOP opponent Eddie Rispone.

No matter what happens in Saturday’s run-off election in Lousiana, one thing is clear: Donald Trump’s unhinged impeachment therapy session on Thursday night did no favors for the Republican candidate.

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