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Fox News Admits Trump Added A New Article Of Impeachment In Real Time

Things are so horrible for Trump that even Fox News is saying that Trump added to his articles of impeachment with witness intimidation.

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Ken Starr of the Lewinsky investigation said on Fox News, “The president was not advised by counsel in deciding to do this tweet. Extraordinarily poor judgment…Obviously, that was, I think, quite injurious.”

Bret Baier added, “Adding an article of impeachment in real-time.”


Fox News viewers were outraged after the first day of the network’s impeachment coverage after Chris Wallace told the Trump supporters that Bill Taylor’s testimony was incredibly damaging to Trump.

Friday was so bad for Trump that even Fox News had to admit that Trump’s attempt at witness intimidation was a terrible idea. To summarize the day, Trump’s oldest political advisor was convicted on seven felony counts related to lying to Congress. Trump is trying to intimidate more witnesses in front of the entire nation into lying more for him, or not showing up testify against him. Republicans lost a court decision in Florida that will prevent from rigging the 2020 ballot placement for Trump, and the witness that Trump tried to intimidate got a standing ovation at the end of the hearing.

It is almost cliche when cable news talking heads describe a week as Trump’s worst ever, but Friday was so bad that even Fox News couldn’t sugarcoat it for him.

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