The Republican Defense Of Trump Just Got Laughed At During Impeachment Hearing

The Republican defense that it was okay for Trump to fire the ambassador to Ukraine, because she wouldn’t go along with Giuliani’s scheme, got laughed at during the impeachment hearing.

Here was the exchange between Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Marie Yovanovitch:

Quigley: Thank you. Madam Ambassador, it’s like a hallmark movie. You ended up at Georgetown, this is all okay. [ Laughter ] It wasn’t your preference seven, eight months ago, correct?

Yovanovitch: No, it was not.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be the victim of a cemetery campaign, was it?

Yovanovitch: No.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be defamed by the president of the United States including today, was it?

Yovanovitch: No.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be ousted at seemingly the pinnacle of your career, was it?

Yovanovitch: No.


Quigley: You wanted to finish your extended tour, correct?

Yovanovitch: I did.

Quigley: What did you want to do after that? Did you know?

Yovanovitch: I wasn’t sure.

Quigley: There’s nothing wrong with Georgetown. It’s a fine place, right?

Yovanovitch: It’s a wonderful place.

Quigley: But it’s your own choice at the end of the distinguished career after all that. It’s not the end of a hallmark movie. It’s the end of a really bad reality TV show brought to you by someone who knows a lot about that.

The impeachment hearing is going badly for Republicans. Trump has sabotaged their planned defense of him with a Twitter outburst. The room is laughing at the Republican defense of Trump that all is well that ended well because Trump fired the Ukraine ambassador because she would not go along with his Ukraine shakedown.

When the only defense of Trump that Republicans can muster is being laughed at, the GOP has reached a brand new low.

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