Trump Melts Down In Real Time During Yovanovitch Testimony

Trump showed how much he feared what Yovanovitch was testifying to by melting down live on Twitter.

Trump tweeted:

Trump then went off on a rant about how Democrat are rooting for a recession:

Trump goes on the attack on Twitter when he is worried about what a witness is going to say. Trump is clearly trying to mitigate the damage that Marie Yovanovitch is going to do to him. The former ambassador has already testified that Trump has given over US foreign policy to foreign and private interests and that Rudy Giuliani and corrupt Ukrainians manipulated him into firing his own ambassador.

The White House was successful in keeping off of Twitter during the first day of impeachment hearings, but Trump is back on Friday. Instead of weaving a compelling defense, Trump is a president in the middle of a meltdown who is being consumed by impeachment.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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