Desperate For A Distraction, Trump Releases Transcript Of First Zelensky Call

Donald Trump is desperate for a distraction, so he released the transcript of his first call with the newly elected Ukranian president as the second impeachment hearing began.

Here is the transcript of the call as provided by the White House to PoliticusUSA:

Trump Zelensky call 1 transcript

As one can read above, the call is not related to the impeachment investigation in any way, shape, or form. The transcript of the call puts added emphasis on the fact that Trump hasn’t released the full transcript of the second Ukraine call that is the focus of the impeachment hearings.

The transcript means nothing, but Trump hopes that it will distract the country from the increasingly damaging testimony and the fallout that is occurring daily on impeachment. Trump is throwing up smoke and trying to distract the nation.

It is one of the standard Trump tricks. The president is outgunned on impeachment and doing everything that he can to use unrelated calls as proof of innocence without discussing the real evidence at the center of the investigation.

Trump’s distraction has already flopped as America remains focused on Trump’s impeachable offenses.

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