Roger Stone’s Daughter Asks Trump To Pardon Her Dad

Roger Stone’s daughter went on Fox News and asked Donald Trump to pardon her father for the 2016 election-related lies to Congress that benefited Trump.

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Stone’s daughter said, “I can only ask, and I do, and this is, if he can, Donald Trump, if you can hear me. Please save our family. He does not deserve this. Nobody deserves this, and after February, when this is all said and done, I would like a lot of people to look at the money trail and where this all started, because this should have to happen to anybody. Nobody should have to lose their life to what we have just experienced, and there’s a lot more to come out that I can’t talk about right now.”


Fox News and Stone’s daughter are claiming that Roger Stone was convicted of seven felonies for “supporting the wrong candidate,” but that is not why Roger Stone was convicted. Roger Stone wasn’t “supporting a candidate.” Stone was engaged in getting foreign election interference to help Donald Trump via Wikileaks.

Stone then lied to Congress to protect Trump. That’s why he is facing a prison sentence that could last for the rest of his life.

No other president would touch pardoning Roger Stone during their reelection campaign. It is a certainty that Trump will pardon Stone and all of the other 2016 criminals if he loses in 2020, but the effort to get Stone pardoned now is already underway.

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