Records Show That Secret Service Never Wanted G7 At Trump’s Club

Government records reveal that Trump’s golf club was never heavily vetted to hold the G-7, and there no evidence that the Secret Service wanted it there.

According to CREW:

On August 26, the New York Times reported that the Secret Service had had communications with the Doral Police Department about hosting the event at Trump’s resort, according to the city’s mayor. In order to learn what vetting process took place between the federal and local levels, CREW also requested records from the Doral police department and mayor’s office.

CREW’s search of thousands of responsive emails from Doral government officials for the terms “Secret Service,” “,” and other relevant terms, returned no results. While at this time, we can’t confirm that there was zero communication between the city of Doral and the Secret Service, it certainly calls into question the President’s claim of the extensive vetting of his club before he chose it to host the G-7.

There is no record to back up Mick Mulvaney and Trump’s claims that Doral was heavily vetted and that it was determined to be the best location to hold the international gathering. It appears that Donald Trump made the unilateral decision to host the G-7 at a financially struggling property that he owns in an effort to make millions of dollars from both the US and other attending foreign governments.

Trump’s G-7 scheme quickly collapsed under threats of congressional investigation and intense public pressure, but just like Trump’s hiring process for positions in his administration, little to no vetting is done.

Governmental processes and the public good are being shoved aside as the top priority is what personally benefits Donald Trump.

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