GOP Cracks As Congressman Is Alarmed By New Impeachment Details

The cracks are growing within the Republican Party on impeachment as Rep. Mike Turner called details in the latest testimony alarming.

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: Well, I mean, Gordon Sondland, according to Tim Morrison, who testified, whose transcript was released on Saturday, so you can talk about it — there’s no gag order. It’s been released.

Tim Morrison said that Sondland went over to Yermak, one of the top aides to President Zelensky, came back and said — quote — and this is Tim Morrison saying — Sondland — quote — “related to me that the president was giving him instruction,” Sondland and Mick Mulvaney. They both report to the president.

And according to Sondland, Sondland told Yermak, if you want this money released, publicly announce these investigations.

So does that not alarm you?

TURNER: Well, of course, all of that is alarming.

And as I have said from the beginning, I think this is — this is not OK. The president United States shouldn’t even, in the original phone call, be on the phone with the president of another country and raise his political opponent.

So, no, this is — is not OK.

But if you look at Sondland’s testimony, which is also public, he says that the direction that he received from the United States was no quid pro quo, and that, in fact, that he said he wants nothing. He just wants him to do the right thing.


Republicans are falling off of the tightrope. Since there is nothing beyond gibberish coming out of the White House, Republicans are trying to walk the line between admitting that Trump’s behavior inappropriate but not impeachable.

The dam began to break yesterday when senior OMB official Mark Sandy showed up to testify.
The erosion is continuing as congressional Republicans have gone from claiming that Trump did nothing wrong to Trump’s wrongs are not impeachable.

The cracks are starting to show, as Trump’s defense is beginning to crumble.

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