Trump Promises A Thanksgiving Cash Bribe To Farmers


Trump is promising a cash bribe to farmers by Thanksgiving as he is getting desperate to prop up his sinking political fortunes.

Trump tweeted:

China doesn’t pay the tariffs. The tariffs are paid by US companies. China has increased trade with other countries, as they have realized that they were too dependant on US soybeans. Farmers are growing increasingly concerned that even if a trade deal is struck, the Chinese market might be gone forever. American farmers have been replaced in the Chinese market, and may never get their position back.


Trump is using taxpayer money to bribe farmers to stick with him through the 2020 election. Trump was tweeting about a cash bribe to try to keep the votes of farmers.

The president once said that trade wars are easy, but Trump’s trade war with China has caused a manufacturing recession and a farming depression.

Farmers want to sell their products in an open market. The hush money stunt isn’t going to work as the cash coming is too little, too late to undo the damage to the nation’s heartland.

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