John Bolton Could Get Trump Convicted And Removed From Office

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace expressed the belief that John Bolton has the power to get Trump convicted and removed from office by the Senate.

John Heilemann said on MSNBC’s Deadline White House:

You have used the analogy of brick by brick, and I think the Democrats have gone about this in a very sturdy way trying to get this case across. Where I think we are right now, however, is that castle that’s being built out of those bricks is going to be large and imposing and undeniable in what it looks like to anybody with eyes in their head.

And, yet, I don’t think at this moment that that castle, that built, that edifice is going to be enough to move Republicans in an appreciable number in either the House or the Senate to act in the way the Democrats are going to want to act with respect to the disposition of president trump’s presidency, which is why I think so much now hinges in a way on John Bolton. And he is the person who can do something other than build the edifice, the person who because of his credibility, because of his place in the world, because of what he means to conservatism, because of what his place in the world and particularly the Republican world.

The more we learn about him and his role in this, where he was and what he was privy to, what he witnessed, if he came forward and told the story, it might be enough to start to shift the tectonic plates. It might. Not necessarily because we know Republicans are resistant to even powerful pieces of evidence but he’s the wildcard now, and, man, could he — turns out to be the most high-value target on the list by a long, long way.


Nicolle Wallace added, “I am reluctant to say this out loud because I don’t want to put anything in the water that could disincentivize John Bolton from testifying, but I believe he is the difference between conviction and no conviction in the Senate.”

Here in the political upsidedown, John Bolton is the voice of reason who has the power through his testimony to end the presidency of Donald Trump. Bolton is a unique figure in this scandal with special knowledge. He has the ability to convince Republicans in a way that no other witness can. Bolton is credible, but he is also unpredictable.

Bolton has the ability to put an end to the Trump presidential crime wave.

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