Trump’s Claim That He Wrote His Own Answers To Mueller Could Get Him Locked Up

Trump’s claim that he wrote all of his own answers to Robert Mueller could lead to a felony perjury charge.

Trump is currently under House investigation for potentially lying to Mueller about discussions with Roger Stone about Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign.

It was just about a year ago that Trump said, ”I write the answers. I write answers. I was asked a series of questions. I have asked them very easily. Very easily. I’m sure they’re tripped up because they like to catch people, gee, was the weather sunny or raining? He said it may have been a good it was rainy and told a lie. He perjured himself. Okay? You have to be careful answering questions with people that probably have bad intentions but no. The questions were very routinely answered by me. By me. Okay?”

Video of Trump’s claim that he wrote his own answers:

Trump is on tape claiming that he wrote his own answers to Mueller’s questions. Witness testimony during Roger Stone’s trial provided proof that Trump lied to the special counsel.

Trump isn’t going to be able to throw his lawyers under the bus for this one, because he admitted that he wrote the false statements.

The president committed felony perjury, and there is enough evidence in public available to lock him up if he loses in 2020.

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