Trump Elevated North Korea and Now They’re Humiliating Him

President Trump elevated North Korea and now they’re dictating terms to him/the United States.

North Korea is refusing to offer anything for Trump to brag about without getting anything in return, after the U.S. president mentioned another summit on Twitter in a message to Kim Jong Un.

After the United States called off joint military exercises with South Korea to create space for diplomacy with North Korea, North Korea announced it was not interested in a summit that was “useless to itself”, Foreign Ministry adviser Kim Kye Gwan wrote in a statement on their state news agency Korean Central News Agency provided by Reuters.

HuffPo got even more: “the U.S. only seeks to earn time, pretending it has made progress in settling the issue of the Korean Peninsula…

“We are no longer interested in such talks that bring nothing to us. As we have got nothing in return, we will no longer gift the U.S. president with something he can boast of, but get compensation for the successes that President Trump is proud of as his administrative achievements.”

Kim Jong Un got what he wanted from Trump – elevation- and now he’s using it against Trump. Just like everyone who does this for a living warned he would. This is more evidence that hiring people to do a job for which they have zero qualifications and zero interest in learning is never a good idea no matter how populist they sound.

This defiance of the United States might not be just rhetorical. According to their state media, Kim Jong Un supervised two military drills in three days and vowed to build an “invincible army”. However, Reuters was not unable to verify when the events took place and their state media is akin to Fox News here in terms of lying to please their leader.

But one thing is for sure: Donald Trump is doing the opposite of “Making America Great Again.”

Whether it’s our troops “ashamed” and sickened” after Trump’s Syria retreat or Trump selling the U.S. out in order to bribe another country to help him cheat in an election or his consistent elevation of murderous dictators who stand against the very freedoms for which this country is supposed to stand, Donald Trump is killing the United States brand.

Kim Jong Un’s public defiance of Trump is a further reminder that the U.S. president is a very bad negotiator. ‘The Art of the Deal’ was just another empty mirage by a clever con artist, but as is always true with Trump, he won’t be the one to pay for his own misdeeds.