Fox News Begs Trump Not To Tweet During Impeachment Hearing


Fox and Friends were begging Trump not to tweet during today’s impeachment hearing, as they are trying to stop him from committing more impeachable offenses.

Brian Kilmeade said, “I just think overall, the president should ignore this whole thing. Don’t tweet during it. Don’t get outraged over it. It ticks you off, and there’s so much for him to him to do. I just think let these guys like Doug Collins and company fight it out and keep it on the straight and narrow.



In other words, please stop committing impeachable offenses with your tweets, and please stop undercutting the Republicans are trying to defend you with social media outbursts. Fox News is trying to get the toddler president to settle down and take a nice nappy while the grown-ups in Congress talk about his impeachable offenses.

The Republicans are getting so pummeled by impeachment that they just want Trump to shut up and stop making things worse for them with each new tweet.

Trump can’t control himself, so there is a zero chance of him staying quiet over these next three days of hearings.

Donald Trump thinks that he is running his own impeachment defense when, in reality, he is running the Republican Party straight into the ground.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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