Quid Pro Uh-Oh: Ukraine Cooperating With Criminal Probe Of Giuliani

The Ukrainian state-run gas company executives are cooperating with the criminal investigation into Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

The AP reported:

Federal prosecutors are planning to interview an executive with Ukraine’s state-owned gas company as part of an ongoing probe into the business dealings of Rudy Giuliani and two of his Soviet-born business associates.

A lawyer for Andrew Favorov confirmed Tuesday that he is scheduled to meet voluntarily with the U.S. Justice Department. Favorov is the director of the integrated gas division at Naftogaz, the state-owned gas provider in Ukraine.

Besides being painted as a conspiracy nut by the Republican witness at the Trump impeachment hearing, Rudy Giuliani is also under criminal investigation in the United States for potentially illegal lobbying as his business dealings in Ukraine have come under the intense scrutiny of federal prosecutors.

Rudy Giuliani was the whisper in Trump’s ear demanding that Ukraine investigate Joe Biden. Trump, who has never met a conspiracy theory that he couldn’t champion, withheld military aid from Ukraine to extort them into making a public statement and investigating the former vice president.

The plan has backfired. Donald Trump is being impeached, and Rudy Giuliani could soon become the seventh close Trump associate to end up behind bars.

The corruption in Ukraine has been exposed, and his name is Rudy Giuliani.

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