Jim Jordan Just Had An Epic Meltdown During Vindman’s Testimony

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was added to the impeachment hearings to be Trump’s ringer, but instead, he had a meltdown during Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony.

Jordan said in part:

We got the two guys on the call, President Trump, President Zelensky, who have said, nothing wrong, no pressure, no pushing here. We have the Ukrainians who didn’t know the aid was held up at the time of the call. And we have one witness to yet tell us any evidence from anyone that president zelensky did anything on investigations to get the aid released. Those facts will never change.

The facts are on the president’s side, the process is certainly not. It has been the most unfair process we have ever seen and the American people understand it. Thoepz 63 million Americans, they understand it and frankly, I think a lot of others do as well. They see this for what it is, and they know this is wrong, especially wrong, just 11 months before the next election. I yield back.

Video clip of Jordan:

Republicans, like Jim Jordan, can’t question the credibility of the witnesses, so they rant and rave in a bid to please Trump in the hope that their video clip ends up on the president’s Twitter account. Nothing that Jim Jordan said was related to the facts of the impeachment investigation. It was all one giant show of a tantrum that was intended to cry unfair, and appeal to a president who in his own mind is always the victim.

Jim Jordan was supposed to be Trump’s ringer at these hearings, but instead, he has been a dud.

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