Jim Jordan Defends Trump By Confirming He’s A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist

The Republican defense of Trump has turned into admitting that the President Of The United States believes conspiracy theories about Ukraine.

Jordan said while questioning Ambassador Kurt Volker, “The third most corrupt on the planet and Europe isn’t doing enough, and by the way, in the president’s mind he did think Ukraine was trying to influence the 2016 election, and things happened. And Democrats want to deny it, but when the ambassador to the United States writes an op-ed criticizing then-candidate trump, that’s certainly trying influence the election.”


Putting aside the absurdity that Rep. Jordan was equating a newspaper op-ed with a hostile foreign government hacking the DNC and carrying out an attack on a presidential election, the Republican defense of Trump has devolved to confirming that Trump is a crazy conspiracy theorist who believes everything that Fox News and Rudy Giuliani tell him.

The Republican defense isn’t that Trump is innocent, or that the impeachable offenses didn’t happen. Republicans are defending Trump by claiming that it is okay that he tried to extort a foreign country because he believed a baseless conspiracy theory.

Somehow, with each new round of questioning, Trump’s Republican defenders are only making the situation worse for the White House.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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