Giuliani Should Be Prosecuted for Bribery And Pompeo Impeached

The oft-used adage that “Everything Trump touches dies” is in full swing today.

It’s not just President Trump who’s in deep trouble after bombshell testimony Wednesday morning. The Trump Effect is shining its penchant for destruction upon Rudy Giuliani, AG Bill Barr and Secretary Pompeo as well.

After EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified that President Trump ordered them (Secretary Perry, Ambassador Volker and Sondland), his personal lawyer who is himself facing various investigations including failing to register as a foreign agent, the reign of Humpty Dumpty began to fall apart from the inside.

“If Bill Barr isn’t fully compromised, Rudy Giuliani should be prosecuted for bribery and election interference conspiracies,” former federal prosecutor and NBC news legal analyst Mimi Rocah tweeted during Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry.

Rocah made the point that she’s not being naive about Barr, she’s stating “what should be.” And the point is important. (We all know Barr is compromised, it’s a matter of proving it.)

She added that anyone in the loop KNEW. Even if not told directly:

Indeed, everyone (all the king’s men) was in the loop:

Sondland testified that President Trump and Secretary Pompeo refused to give him access to his own call logs and records:

MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter opined that Pompeo should be impeached for contempt if he refuses to turn over documents:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry already offered his resignation from his White House post as the Ukraine scandal, of which he is in the center, broke. He is leaving in disgrace amid a bribery scandal and a conspiracy to undercut U.S. foreign policy that threatens U.S. national security.

As anyone with even two operating brain cells could see from the beginning based upon Trump’s own personal history as a “businessman”, anyone who works with him will get burned.

The only question now is just how much harm they will each face. From impeachment to just the stench of disgrace, Trump is the rotten egg that they won’t ever be able to wash off.

As they each lose credibility, their ability to protect Trump dwindles and their desire to save themselves increases.

I never thought I’d be quoting a nursery school rhyme to sum up a presidential administration, but Trump’s elevation drags us all down:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.