Kamala Harris Opened Up A Can On Tulsi Gabbard At Democratic Debate

Sen. Kamala Harris unloaded on Tulsi Gabbard for her attacks on Democrats and her ties to Fox News, Steve Bannon, and right-wing interests at the Democratic debate.

Sen. Harris responded to Gabbard attacking Democrats by saying:

I think that it’s unfortunate that we have someone on this stage that is attempting to be the democratic nominee for president of the United States, who during the Obama administration spent four years full time on Fox News criticizing President Obama. Who has been full time criticizing people on this stage as affiliated with the Democratic Party. When Donald Trump was elected, not even sworn in, buddied up to Steve Bannon to get a meeting with Donald Trump in Trump Tower, fails to call a war criminal by what he is as a war criminal.

And then spends full time during the course of this campaign, again, criticizing the Democratic Party. What we need on the stage in November is someone who has the ability to win. And by that, we need someone on that stage who has the ability to go toe to toe with Donald Trump and someone who has the ability to rebuild the Obama coalition and bring the party and the nation together. I believe I am that candidate.


Gabbard responded by calling Sen. Harris a liar and claiming that she would continue the “Bush/Clinton/Trump” foreign policy.

Harris spoke for a lot of Democrats when she took down Tulsi Gabbard.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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