Ohio Farmer Who Left The GOP Over Trump’s Trade War Is Planning To Run Against Jim Jordan


An Ohio farmer, Chris Gibbs, who left the Republican Party after getting destroyed by Donald Trump’s trade war is planning to challenge Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the president’s favorite lapdogs.

According to The Toledo Blade, “A farmer from rural Ohio who voted for President Trump but has condemned his agricultural policy and since resigned from the Republican Party is testing a bid to challenge one of the President’s biggest defenders in Congress.”

Gibbs, The Hill notes, is the former chairman of Ohio’s Shelby County Republican Party who stepped down from his post, even though he voted for Trump in 2016. He plans to run against Jordan as an independent.


More from The Toledo Blade report:

Chris Gibbs, a 61-year-old grain and cattle farmer in Shelby County, is launching an exploratory committee to weigh a campaign to unseat Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Urbana), his campaign plans to announce Wednesday.

Mr. Gibbs, who is considering mounting a bid as an independent, has been interviewed on CNN and CNBC about how Mr. Trump’s agricultural tariffs have harmed his business, which he says has lost 20 percent of its value in soybeans. Other farmers in the area who continue to support Mr. Trump are facing similar setbacks, he said.

“Tariffs for agriculture have been devastating,” Mr. Gibbs said. “In northwest Ohio, [farmers] have had a heck of a time.”

Jim Jordan is the conductor of the GOP crazy train

Pre-Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan was just a GOP congressman on the fringe of the Republican Party. But with Trump ratcheting up the crazy and elevating the most extreme members of his party, Jordan has increasingly become the face of the GOP.

Every step of the way, the Ohio congressman – himself caught in a sexual abuse scandal – has been a proud lapdog of the president. His performance during Tuesday’s public impeachment hearings made it abundantly clear that there is no crackpot conspiracy theory he isn’t willing to embrace to defend this president.

Jim Jordan’s district is a dark shade of red. Unseating him will be an uphill climb, no matter who ends up being his opponent. Perhaps an ex-Trump fan and farmer from rural Ohio is the perfect candidate to send Jordan packing.

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