Pete Buttigieg Hits Trump For Stealing From Vets At Democratic Debate

Pete Buttigieg went there when talking about Trump’s conduct and called out the president for stealing charitable donations from veterans.

Buttigieg said:

Impeachment is not a part of the campaign, but the president’s conduct is. The impeachable conduct that we have seen and the abuse of power that we’re learning more about in the investigations, but just to be clear, the president’s already confessed to it on television. But that’s just part of what we’ve seen. Under normal circumstances a president would leave office after something that was revealed recently that barely got any attention at all, which was the president had to confess in writing, in court to illegally diverting charitable contributions that were supposed to go to veterans.

We are absolutely going to confront this president for wrongdoing, but we’re also each running to be the president who will lead this country after the Trump presidency comes to an end one way or the other. And running to be the president for that day the sun comes up and the Trump presidency is behind us, which will be a tender moment in the life of this country. And we are going to have to unify a nation that will be as divided as ever. And while doing it, address big issues that didn’t take a vacation for the impeachment process or for the Trump presidency as a whole, a climate approaching a point of no return.


Trump has proclaimed himself the beloved candidate of veterans and the troops, but Pete Buttigieg pulled no punches to show that this president’s actions have displayed nothing but contempt for vets.

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