Sondland Goes Full John Dean And Lays Out The Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Gordon Sondland is using his testimony to go full John Dean and is showing Congress where all the bodies are buried in the Ukraine scheme.

Sondland said:

This email was sent — this email was sent to secretary Pompeo, Secretary Perry, Brian Mccormick, who is Secretary Perry’s chief of staff at the time, Ms. Kenna, who is the acting — pardon me, who is the executive secretary for Secretary Pompeo, Chief of Staff Mulvaney, and Mr. Mulvaney’s senior adviser Rob Blair. A lot of senior officials. A lot of senior officials. Here is my exact quote from that email, “I talked to Zelensky just now. He is prepared to receive POTUS’s call. Will assure him that he intends to run a fully transparent investigation and will turn over every stone. He would greatly appreciate a call prior to Sunday, so that he can put out some media about a friendly and productive call, no details, prior to Ukraine election on Sunday.”

Chief of Staff Mulvaney responded I asked the NSC to set it up for everyone was in the loop. It was no secret. Everyone was informed via email on July 19th, days before the presidential call. As I communicated to the team, I told President Zelensky in advance that assurances to run a fully transparent investigation and turn over every stone were necessary in his call with President Trump.


Sondland already testified that Trump ordered him to work with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine. The country is having its John Dean moment in the Ukraine scandal, as Gordon Sondland has come forward and is explaining to the American people, the impeachable offenses of Donald J. Trump.

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