Devin Nunes Crashes And Burns While Pushing Russian Talking Points

Devin Nunes tried to use Russian talking points and push a Ukraine conspiracy theory to defend Trump, but he promptly went down in flames.

The exchange:

Nunes: Are you aware that when he was in the parliament, he provided information to Fusion GPS operative named Nelly Orr?

Holmes: I’m not aware of Nelly Orr or who he provided information to. I’m aware that as a journalist he provides information.

Nunes: He was in the parliament at the time, this is in the 2016 campaign, he provided widely known as the black ledger, have you heard of the black ledger?

Holmes: I have.

Nunes: The black ledger that, is that seen as credible information?

Holmes: Yes.

Nunes: The black ledger is credible?

Holmes: Yes.

Nunes: Bob Mueller did not find it credible, do you dispute what his findings were? They didn’t use it in the prosecution or in the report.

Holmes: I’m not aware that Bob Mueller did not find it credible. I think it was evidence in other proceedings.


Nunes has already been caught in these hearings using Russian talking points. The president’s impeachment defense is closely tied to Russia because his information about Ukraine comes from his pal Putin.

Fiona Hill testified in the same hearing that Trump and Giuliani believe the debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election to help Clinton and hurt Trump.

Much of what the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee are pushing is a combination of Russian conspiracy theories about Ukraine and talking points.

Nunes tried to push more Russian lies to the American people, but he crashed and burned before he ever got started.

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