Trump Flips Out And Claims That Nobody Can Overhear Him On The Phone

Trump’s impeachment defense is that David Holmes could not overhear him on the phone with Sondland because it is impossible to overhear another person on the phone.

Trump tweeted:

Trump was responding to Holmes’s testifying that he overheard Trump’s call with Gordon Sondland:

Trump’s impeachment defense that the witness is lying because it is impossible to hear another person on the phone without the speakerphone on, which is absurd and not even close to the truth.

Once again, Donald Trump doesn’t contest the fact that he was on a phone call with Gordon Sondland asking how the plot to extort Ukraine was going. Trump wants the nation to focus on the witness who could overhear the call as if discrediting the witness makes his phone call to Sondland disappear.

Trump and his party keep avoiding the facts because acknowledging the facts would require an admission of impeachable offenses.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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