GOP Impeachment Smoke And Mirrors Can’t Hide That Trump Did It

Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) put on a very important show Thursday. The kind of show our media now requires in order to “get” anything, it seems. The kind of show Republicans, who had propaganda signage up behind themselves so that photos and video carried their propaganda message and unfounded conspiracy theories to the masses.

But Denny Heck gave the public a little show of his own, and it’s called: The President Did It.

I feel like I have been treated to a gatling gunfire of myth prop allegation. The big lie if you tell it often enough, keep repeating it, people will come to believe it. I think we have been subjected to some of that.

Here’s a sample. ‘The president didn’t solicit campaign assistance from Ukraine in a clear violation of federal law.’ Yes, he did.

‘The president didn’t withhold vital military assistance in furtherance of objective to obtain that campaign assistance.’ Yes, he did.

‘Rudy Giuliani was acting just on his own, kind of as a rogue.’ No, he wasn’t.

‘That all of this is business as usual. This happens all the time, stems from a principled interest.’ No, it isn’t. And no, it wasn’t.

‘And that it is okay to attack patriotic diplomats in public service if they stand in your way, have the courage to speak up’ and no, it isn’t.

Those are just some of the big lies.

But here’s the big truth: The president did it. He did it.

While a quid pro quo is not necessary to impeach, there are two clear quid pro quos here.

1: Holding aid unless and until Ukraine announced investigations into the Bidens
2: Holding the White House meeting hostage unless and until Ukraine announced investigations into the Bidens.

Sondland testified that he followed Trump’s orders, which were delivered by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. As such, Trump directed the Ukraine pressure to get foreign help to gain an electoral advantage, and this is illegal.

Sondland said there was quid pro quo in regards to Trump using the White House meeting for Ukrainian President Zelensky as bait in his bribery scheme, “I know that members of this committee have frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: Was there a quid pro quo? As I testified previously, with regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes.”

Gee, “The President Did It” seems to have a little “pizzazz” to me. It seems easy enough to grasp. The President and his thugs say he didn’t do this, the evidence says he did. He did it.

The President illegally asked a foreign country to help him in a U.S. election. Again. Yes, the President did it. He further withheld nearly $400m in military aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival. Yes, the aid was eventually released, but that is irrelevant.

As Trump can see from his right wing, indicted pal Netanyahu in Israel, one does not need to close the deal to be guilty of the crime.

The result of two weeks of impeachment hearings was evidence that the president and his administration are guilty. Republicans blustered and conspired, but the one thing they could not do was provide evidence of Trump’s innocence.

There was one takeaway from the Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings and that was that the president did it.

The question now is, what’s the country going to do about it?