Former RNC Chair: Trump Is Trying To Dumb Down America On Impeachment

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that Trump is trying to dumb down the conversation on impeachment.

Steele said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Republicans emphasized the Democrats are doing this, the Democrats are doing this. They have politicized this thing down to the point where it is almost meaningless to some voters. And the polling right now is showing people backing off of this idea of moving forward with impeachment. So, there has been some success by what we’ve seen in the House and the performances that took place over the last couple of weeks.

The president spending 53 minutes on Fox News this morning. Do you have a job, do you work? How do you have 53 minutes on television, right? But that’s the point. The most important job is to dumb down the conversation and to drive home the narrative that just as there was no collusion there is still no quid pro quo.


It is not an intentional strategy by Trump. This president isn’t smart, so there is no way that he could make an effective intellectual argument against impeachment. Trump is being dumb because that’s who he is. He has also learned from his decades spent watching Fox News that repetition works, which is why he develops his little phrases like no collusion and no quid pro quo.

Trump has been on a mission since he entered politics to lower the intellect of American political discourse.

Donald Trump is trying to dumb down impeachment, which is why Democrats have to keep it simple to beat this president.

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