Devin Nunes Humiliates Himself By Claiming To Sue CNN For “Criminal Activity”

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on Fox to claim that he is suing CNN and The Daily Beast for engaging in criminal activity by publishing a story about him.

Nunes said on Sunday Morning Futures:

I’ve been used to this for the last three years. The House Intelligence Committee Republicans, we continue to expose Democrat corruption over and over again. And what always happens is right when we expose them, what do they do? They go out to kill the messenger.

So this week — another fake news story. The problem with this week’s fake news story is — we actually caught them. And we caught them badly and it also involves criminal activity, and so what we are going to do. We are going to take both CNN and the Daily Beast likely into federal court, right after Thanksgiving and we hope they cooperate.


Rep. Nunes is lying. Lawyers routinely advise their clients that while they can file a civil suit before the criminal case is settled, it is best to wait until after the criminal matter has been settled. If Nunes has contacted law enforcement, why hasn’t there been any notification or complaint filed?

The reason is that there was not any criminal activity. Nunes is making it up because he is trying to scare CNN and The Daily Beast. It isn’t a crime for a lawyer to talk to the press. It isn’t a crime for the press to report what they are told.

Nunes is humiliating himself with another bogus civil suit that is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. Rep. Nunes will likely have his civil suit tossed out of court, as his latest attempt to hide his dirty deeds will not scare anyone.

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