Mike Bloomberg Launches Presidential Bid With Promise To Never Appear In Debates

Mike Bloomberg launched his presidential campaign with a promise to take no donations, which will make it impossible for him to qualify for the debates.

Here is Bloomberg’s ad launching his campaign:

Bloomberg’s campaign is promising not to take donations:

The problem with this strategy is that Bloomberg will never be able to meet the donor threshold if he does not take donations. The DNC has not said when or if they will be phasing the donor threshold qualification for the debates, so if they don’t, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign made a promise that will ensure that their candidate never appears at a presidential debate.

The last thing that Democrats needed in the 2020 primary was a billionaire who is throwing money around. Bloomberg seems to think that he can buy enough ads to win the nomination. History and political science studies reveal that campaign ads alone can’t win nominations.

Mike Bloomberg is going to have to take donations, or he is never going to share the stage with the rest of the Democratic candidates.

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