Military Officers Don’t Want To Be Seen In Public With Trump

Concerns about Trump politicizing the military have become so intense that two senior officers were reluctant to appear with him in public.

Via CNN:

Top military leaders say they are concerned about Trump’s divisive rhetoric and politicization of the military. They also tell CNN they worry the President’s mercurial management style — often expressed through tweets — may be undermining national security by making military planning increasingly difficult.

CNN has learned that at least two senior military officers were reluctant to appear alongside Trump at events in recent months, because of unease that he might make partisan political remarks while they were present. CNN has been asked by sources close to both officers not to identify them or the events involved.

Several senior commanders are considering writing a memo to the troops reminding them of their moral and legal responsibilities on the battlefield. The matter is so sensitive that some are privately indicating they want high-level Pentagon approval before they proceed because the memo could appear to be a rebuke of the President.

The military is sounding the alarm that Trump is sowing chaos within the armed forces. He has also divided the military, as leadership is concerned that Trump has undercut accountability by sending the message to the troops that they can ignore the law and ethical standards and get away with it as long as Trump supports them.

Trump is having the same impact on the military that he is causing in the rest of the country. Trump is dividing, spreading confusion, and weakening the fabric of the nation.

It has gotten so bad that some military leaders don’t want to appear with him because they feel that they will be used as partisan political props by the president.

Trump isn’t just a failed president. He is also a danger to the nation.

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