Hometown Editorial Slams Devin Nunes And His Grim Political Situation

The Fresno Bee called out Rep. Nunes (R-CA) for filing frivolous lawsuits while being investigated for his Ukraine errands for Trump.

The Editorial Board of The Bee wrote:

Given the frivolous nature of Nunes’ lawsuits, one can easily draw the conclusion that he’s trying to chill free speech by miring his critics in expensive legal proceedings. If that’s the idea, it’s not working. Twitter accounts continue to mock him and the press continues to report on his increasingly grim situation.


Lev Parnas, a Ukraine-born man arrested while trying to leave the United States in October, said through a lawyer that he is willing to implicate Nunes, who was in Europe during the period in question.


Now, Nunes faces calls for an ethics investigation.


Given the seriousness of these matters, perhaps it’s time for Nunes to abandon his frivolous lawsuit hobby and direct his lawyers’ attention elsewhere.

The worst thing that could happen to Devin Nunes outside of losing his seat and going to jail would be getting kicked off of the House Intelligence Committee. Rep. Nunes’s whole career is built around the ability to be one of Trump’s top spies on the Intelligence Committee.

Trump several loyal House Republicans like Nunes, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who are working for the president within the House of Representatives.

Devin Nunes appears to be destined for a fall.

Trump wasn’t just running the operation that he directed Giuliani to carry out in Ukraine. The president also had Nunes ready to use the House to attack Joe Biden.

The Ukraine plot is more than a Trump scandal. It’s a Republican Party scandal that may destroy everyone who participated.

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