Republicans Are At Each Other’s Throats After Georgia Governor Defies Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) threatened Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia after he refused to appoint Trump’s choice to fill the state’s US Senate vacancy.

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Trump was looking to get one of his stooges Rep. Doug Collins into the Senate so that he would have a guaranteed no vote on impeachment conviction, but Kemp is set to appoint Kelly Loeffler instead because he thinks her appointment would be better for Republicans in the state.

Gaetz tweeted a threat at the governor:

An advisor to Gov. Kemp fired back at Gaetz:

A Republican Congressman is threatening a Republican governor because the governor wouldn’t do what Trump wanted. This is an intra-party civil war, and there is only one right answer in Trump’s party, and that is to follow the president’s orders or else.

Gaetz is the same guy who threatened a Parkland parent during a congressional hearing and tried to crash the impeachment depositions.

Rep. Gaetz is an embarrassment to his district, his state, and his country. He does not belong in Congress, and his threats against other Republicans are proof that Trump’s chaos is causing all hell to break loose throughout the Republican Party.

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