Even Trump’s Own Campaign Admits That Voters Don’t Like Him


Contrary to the president’s imagination, the Trump campaign is admitting that voters don’t like him and are counting on Mike Pence to save them in 2020.

According to a Politico piece on how Pence will be Trump’s savior in 2020:

The latest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, for example, found substantially wider gaps in Trump’s favorability among registered voters (-15), suburban residents (-14) and women (-25) than in Pence’s (-6, -7, -16, respectively).



At the heart of the Trump campaign’s strategy is the understanding that the president’s personality is a liability with the exact voters he needs to make inroads with. It’s a dim political reality that led the president to start asking his longtime friends and members of his inner circle earlier this spring if keeping Pence on the ticket was a shrewd decision heading into 2020, when someone like Nikki Haley — the former South Carolina governor and Trump Cabinet member, whose name the president circulated as a possible running mate — could be more effective in courting women and suburban voters.

The problem with the Pence will save Trump strategy is that Pence is also in the negative with all of those groups of voters that Trump is struggling with. The idea that voters will separate a president from a vice president and cast their ballot for the unpopular president is the sort of desperate grasping at straws that campaigns who don’t have answers for the structural problems always gravitate toward.

Even the Trump campaign knows that voters don’t like their candidate, and since making Trump more likable is impossible, their only option is to make the Democratic nominee even less likable than Trump.

If Mike Pence is their answer, Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election.

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