The House Of Representatives Is On Track To Formally Impeach Trump In Time For Christmas

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is preparing a Christmas gift for Donald Trump after all: Impeachment.

According to The Washington Post, the latest Democratic timeline on impeachment will likely end with a formal vote just before Christmas.

The report outlines a three-week process that Democrats plan to follow, from hearings in the House Judiciary Committee to the drafting of impeachment articles to a formal impeachment vote set for the third week of December.

More from The Washington Post:

If things are still going according to Democrats’ timeline, the last week of the year before they break for the holidays will be the week Trump gets impeached by the House. The House will vote on each article of impeachment. If any pass, it means Trump is impeached. And that means a majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives (mainly, likely, Democrats) think Trump is no longer fit to serve as president.

But that will mark the end of only the first half of the process to remove a president. The approved articles of impeachment move over to the Senate, where Trump will be on trial to determine whether he should be removed from office. Two presidents have been impeached by the House: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. No president has ever been convicted by the Senate, and so far there is no evidence that Republicans are willing to defect in large enough numbers to convict Trump. We’re not even sure any House Republicans will vote to impeach him.

Republicans control the Senate and thus can shape the trial to Trump’s political benefit. The trial is expected to start in January and could last anywhere from two weeks to two months.

The House impeachment process has been swift and effective

Since announcing a formal impeachment inquiry two months ago, House Democrats have led a swift, focused and effective process focused on the facts.

Every step of the way, Republicans have tried to muddy the waters and throw wrenches in the probe, but Democrats have quietly gathered evidence and testimony to build an ironclad case that Trump bribed a foreign power for election dirt on Joe Biden and then sought to cover it up.

Not only isn’t there a war on Christmas, but Democrats will be celebrating the holiday this year by formally voting to impeach the most corrupt president in American history.

‘Tis the season.

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