Kellyanne Conway dares Adam Schiff to testify

Kellyanne Conway Dares Adam Schiff To Testify At Impeachment

Kellyanne Conway dared Rep. Adam Schiff to show up and testify at Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing.

Conway said during a briefing with reporters, “They have to be more definitive about what they’re doing, and they’re not definitive. First, it’s in the Judiciary Committee then it goes over to Intel, now it’s back to Judiciary. Is Adam Schiff going to testify, because he’s a fact witness. That would be great. If he testifies, I’ll show up on behalf of the White House.”


No one cares if Kellyanne Conway shows up. She is not being impeached. If Conway would have said that White House officials including Trump will participate in the impeachment process if Adam Schiff testifies, it would have been a tad bit more interesting.

Kellyanne Conway really needs to learn what a fact witness is. Chairman Schiff is not a fact witness. He conducted an investigation. Schiff could only testify to what witnesses have said. He has no information to add to the investigation. He does not know the identity of the whistleblower.

The White House is trying to make impeachment about anything other than Trump, and Kellyanne Conway’s attempt at a distraction is certain to fail.

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