Angry Trump Announces That G7 Will Be Held At Camp David


Trump admitted at the NATO summit that the US hosted G7 will be held at Camp David, not one of his properties.

Trump said while meeting with Canada’s Justin Trudeau, “We really have, and I think it’s been more or less announced. We’re going to do it at Camp David. We’ll be doing very special things at Camp David. It’s nearby. It’s close. We’re going to give very good access to the press. We’ll have a little bit of a Washington I think deliverance. It will be at Camp David which is the place that people like.”



Contrary to the president’s claims, it is estimated that Trump and his kids would have made millions of dollars off of holding the G7 at his golf club instead of Camp David. Trump made it clear that he doesn’t like Camp David by referring to the historic presidential retreat as “the place that people like.”

One suspects that Camp David was always the place that government officials liked, but Trump tried to strongarm the government into holding the G7 at his club so that he could make a pile of money before he potentially gets voted out of office in 2020.

Trump can’t hide his rage, because his plan to line his own pockets at the expense of G7 members was thwarted my massive public outcry.

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