Trump Handed Epic Defeat As Court Rules He Can’t Hide His Financial Records

A federal appeals court has ruled that Trump can’t hide his financial records from House Democrats and that Deutsche Bank and Capital One must comply with subpoenas.

CNBC reported:

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Deutsche Bank and Capital One must hand over years of President Donald Trump’s financial records in compliance with House Democrats’ subpoenas.


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Tuesday’s decision was issued by a divided three judge panel made up of two Republican appointees and one Democratic appointee.

Circuit Judge Jon Newman, a Jimmy Carter appointee, wrote in the court’s decision that the House committees interest in “pursuing their constitutional legislative function is a far more significant public interest than whatever public interest inheres in avoiding the risk of a Chief Executive’s distraction arising from disclosure of documents reflecting his private financial transactions.”

In order for Trump to win, the Supreme Court would have invalidated the constitutionally granted oversight function of the legislative branch over the executive branch.

The odds of that happening are very slim.

There are questions as to whether or not the Supreme Court will even hear the case. Trump has lost this case at every level where it has been contested so far, so he is hoping that the Supreme Court will bail him out and allow his financial records to be kept secret.

Trump continues to drag these cases through the legal system as he is trying to run out the clock on the 2020 election. Trump’s hope is that he can make the investigations disappear with a second term and a Republican takeover of the House.

It is all a stall tactic, and if the Supreme Court declines to hear the case or rules against the president, his banks will have to comply with subpoenas and turn over his financial records.

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