Macron Humiliates Trump In Front Of The World On ISIS

Trump tried to threaten Macron with releasing ISIS fighters in France, and the French president humiliated him.

Trump said, “I have spoken to the president today, we have a tremendous amount of captured size fighters in Syria and they’re all under lock and key, but many are from France, Germany, and the UK. Some are from Europe, and some of the countries are agreeing, would you like some nice ISIS fighters, I could give them to you, you could take every one you want.


Macron replied, “Let me tell you, for the number of fighters. There are a large number of fighters on the ground. Fighters are coming from Syria, Iran, and the region. It is true that you have fighters coming from Europe, but this is a tiny number compared to the overall problem region, and I think number one priority because it is not finished is to get rid of ISIS and the terrorist groups. This is our number one priority, and it’s not done. I’m sorry to say that. You see the fighters the region In Syria and now in Iraq, and more and more. The destabilization of the region makes the situation more difficult to fix the situation against ISIS.”

Trump’s big lie in the US has been that ISIS is defeated, so US troops could leave Northern Syria. Macron responded to Trump threatening to release ISIS fighters in France by blowing up Trump’s big lie and telling the world that Trump made the situation worse in the Middle East through his actions.

One world leader understands the ISIS threat and the risks of destabilizing the region. The other man in the conversation was Donald Trump,
Trump tried to threaten Macron and was humiliated.

Donald Trump’s tough-guy routine blew up in his face, as his decision to carry out Russia’s foreign policy is causing the rest of the world to leave the US behind.

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