Rep. Doug Collins Humiliates Himself At Trump Impeachment Hearing

Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Doug Collins shamelessly pandered for the Georgia Senate seat appointment by yelling his opening statement.

Rep. Collins said in part:

If we’re going to simply not have fact witnesses and we are the rubber stamp hiding out back, the very rubber stamp the chairman talked about 20 years ago. What a disgrace to this committee. To have the committee of impeachment simply take from other entities and rubber stamp it. You see, why do the things that I say matter about fact witnesses and actually have a due process? Because, by the way, just a couple of months ago the Democrats got all sort of dressed up, and says we’re going to have due process, protection for the president and good fairness throughout this.

This is the only committee in which the president would even have a possibility, but no offense to you, the law professors. The president has nothing to ask you. You’re not going to provide anything he can’t read. And his attorneys have nothing put witnesses in here that they can be — fact witnesses who can be cross-examined. That’s fairness. And every attorney on this panel knows that. This is a sham.


Collins’s behavior is the exact reason why Gov. Brian Kemp should not appoint him to the Senate seat. Collins was shamelessly pandering to Trump. Yelling false statements is a classic cover for not having anything substantial to say. Doug Collins can’t defend Trump, so he is screaming at the top of his lungs to send the message to the Viewer in Chief that he should get the Senate seat in Georgia.

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