Even Trump’s American Dream Campaign Ad Is A Foreign Fake


The Trump campaign released a Thanksgiving-themed American Dream campaign ad that contained footage from Poland and South Africa.

The ad:


According to The Daily Beast, the ad contained footage, not of America, but of Poland and South Africa, “According to Getty Images, the shot of steelworkers leaving the steel mill in the advertisement originated from Poland. The website also says the clip showing a woman and a girl making sweets in a kitchen was filmed in South Africa. Both clips were available for purchase through Getty for as low as $175. The foreign origin of the clips were first flagged by super PAC American Bridge.”

The Trump campaign was too cheap to buy footage of American workers and American families, so they bought some cheap foreign stock footage, chanted U-S-A, and thought that nobody would notice.

Since Trump doesn’t associate with real American workers and ordinary American families, his campaign had to buy footage of foreign countries. The Trump campaign should be more sensitive to the perception that Trump is un-American and propped up by foreign influence, but they aren’t.

Even Trump’s campaign ad where he pretends to celebrate America is foreign and fake.

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