Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Tweets Poll That Shows Impeachment Is Destroying The GOP

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, released a poll on Thursday that he claimed was evidence that impeachment is hurting Democrats ahead of the election year.

The only problem, of course, is that the polling shows a sizable number of folks in a deep-red region – Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district – supporting Trump’s impeachment.

“Say goodbye to your majority, Nancy!” Parscale tweeted alongside data that shows even voters in pro-Trump parts of the country are split on impeachment.

According to the poll shared by Parscale, 45 percent of voters in Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district support impeachment, while 52 percent oppose it.

But as Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis said on Thursday, that 45-52 margin should worry Trump and the Republicans, not Democrats.

“If you are telling Dem strategists that OK-05 (Trump+14, Romney+19) is 45% pro-impeach, I’m guessing they are going to feel pretty darn good about holding the majority,” he wrote on Twitter.

As DeBonis noted, Trump carried that district by 14 points in 2016 and won the state overall by more than 36 points. The fact that nearly half of voters in OK-5 support impeachment is a troubling sign for GOP prospects in actual battleground states and districts.

Most Americans believe Trump is guilty of wrongdoing

Despite what team Trump and spineless GOP members of Congress say inside their right-wing, Fox News echo chambers, the American people know the president is guilty of wrongdoing.

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found not only that 70 percent of the American people call Trump’s Ukraine-related conduct “wrong,” but a majority – 51 percent – also believe it should result in his impeachment and removal from office.

The fact that support for impeachment is in the mid-to-upper-40s in a part of the country Trump won by double digits isn’t cause for celebration. It should terrify Republicans who continue to defend Trump, even though there is clear evidence he shook down a foreign power for election dirt.

The numbers Trump’s campaign manager shared on Thursday are clearly the best that he could find, and they still managed to be a disaster.

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