Trump Chickens Out And Refuses To Mount Impeachment Defense

The White House sent a terse two-paragraph letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) announcing that they will not offer an impeachment defense.

Here is the letter:

The letter calls Trump impeachment, baseless, a violation of due process, and unfair. The White House counsel also referred to impeaching the president as a waste of time.

The Judiciary Committee’s impeachment process has been very fair. Donald Trump and his lawyers have both been invited to attend and question witnesses. They refused. It is impossible to call a process unfair when one side refuses to accept an offer and participate.

Trump isn’t going to try to defend himself in the House.

The reason being that if Trump mounts an impeach defense, his defense will be up for discussion and question. Trump is a coward who doesn’t want to be held accountable or attempt to try to defend his position.

After all of the tough talk coming from the White House, when push came to shove, and his bluff was called, Donald Trump chickened out.

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