Former Federal Prosecutor Calls Trump’s Toilet Ramble More Evidence Of A Broken Brain

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner tore into Donald Trump on Saturday, saying that the president’s latest ramble about toilets is just another example of how broken his brain appears to be.

“He can’t operate an umbrella. He asked a 7-year-old-child if she still believes in Santa. … When asked what he’s thankful for, he always says some version of ‘I’m thankful for me,'” Kirschner said in a pair of tweets on Saturday morning.

“He is ENTIRELY unfit to hold office,” he added.

Trump is a national and global laughingstock

Glenn Kirschner’s rundown of Trump’s bizarre behavior came a day after the president took the time – in the midst of an impeachment inquiry – to whine that lightbulbs make him look orange, even though we now know it’s his makeup habit that gives him that distinct hue, and that Americans are flushing the toilet too many times.

Sure, when Trump gave his unsolicited theories about lightbulbs and toilets, those in the room responded with laughter. What Trump doesn’t understand is that – like the NATO world leaders this past week – they were laughing at him, not with him.

Donald Trump is a national and global laughingstock who is clearly deteriorating a little more each day.

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