Chuck Todd Nails Ted Cruz For Lying About Impeachment

Ted Cruz tried to lie and claim that there had to be a crime for the president to be impeached, but Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd caught him.

Cruz said, “Yesterday, House Democrats put out a 55-page report. They called it a scholarly report that purports to say you don’t have to prove a crime. You don’t have to prove a law was violated to impeach a president. What garbage. What nonsense.

Todd responded, “Well, wait a minute. That’s exactly what the Constitution…..Whoa, whoa, whoa, Senator, that is exactly why the impeachment was written into the Constitution. That’s exactly why the phrase high crimes and misdemeanors is in there is they did it before they even wrote our laws, sir. So how do you know? You’re saying, that’s exactly the opposite of what is true.”


Todd was correct. The Constitution was written to establish the system of federal government that would pass the laws. The argument that a president has to break a law in order to impeached is nonsense. If Republicans need a law to be broken for Trump impeachment, there is solid evidence that Trump broke the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

Even by Sen. Cruz’s totally bogus and non-constitutional standard, Donald Trump should be impeached. There is a reason why Sen. Cruz is called Lyin’ Ted. Republicans are inventing their own constitution and impeachment standards because based on the evidence, Donald Trump is guilty as sin.

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