Nadler Says Trump Would Be Convicted By A Jury In 3 Minutes Flat

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said on Sunday that if the evidence against Trump were presented to a jury, he’d be convicted in 3 minutes flat.

Nadler was asked on CNN’s State Of The Union if he felt comfortable that Democrats had proven their case against Trump. He answered, “We have a very rock-solid case. I think the case we have if presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat, and you know all this nonsense about hearsay evidence there is considerable direct evidence, and it ill behooves a president and his partisans to say you don’t have enough direct evidence when the reason why we don’t have more direct evidence is that the president has ordered everyone in the Executive Branch not cooperate with Congress in the impeachment inquiry.”


Chairman Nadler is correct. The evidence has Trump nailed. If this was a proceeding that went before a non-partisan jury, Trump would be convicted and removed from office. CNN’s Dana Bash spent most of the interview throwing Republican talking points at Nadler instead of dealing with the evidence in the case.

This isn’t a both sides do it question. Trump clearly is running a scheme from the Oval Office to pressure Ukraine into investigating Biden.

Any jury would convict Trump and lock him up. Republican talking points can’t hide the evidence.

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