Trump’s Own Secretary Of Defense Just Threw Him Under The Bus

Trump’s Secretary of Defense refused to say if any political considerations were detailed to him about releasing the military aid to Ukraine.

The exchange on Fox News Sunday:

MARK ESPER: “At the end of the day, most of the aid [to Ukraine] got out on time.”

CHRIS WALLACE: “And you were never told about any political considerations?”

ESPER: “I’m not going to get into any of that.”


People in Trump’s own administration are going on national television and basically admitting that the Ukraine aid was held up because Trump was trying to pressure a foreign government into investigating his political opponents.

Chris Wallace asked a question an easy question. All the Secretary of Defense had to do was say no if there were no political considerations behind withholding the aid to Ukraine. Esper’s non-answer was an answer that contradicts everything that Trump and his allies have been saying about impeachment.

The Secretary of Defense just threw the President Of The United States under the impeachment bus.

Trump is going to be impeached because even people within his administration are admitting that he is guilty.

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