Republicans Are Now Insanely Claiming That Trump Can’t Be Impeached Because Biden Isn’t A Legit Contender

The new impeachment defense of Donald Trump is to claim that Joe Biden isn’t a legitimate contender for the presidency.

The exchange with GOP counsel Stephen Castor:

Q: Would you agree that Joe Biden was a leading Democratic contender to face President Trump in 2020?

Castor: I wouldn’t agree with that.

Q: It is your testimony that President Trump did not view president Biden to be a legitimate contender.

Castor: I don’t know if president trump believe or did not believe. It is too early.

Q: Did you determine what President Trump tweeted about Joe Biden and between January and July 25th, how many times?

Castor: I didn’t look at Twitter.

Q: Did you know President Trump tweeted about Joe Biden 25 times between January and July 25th?

Castor: I didn’t look at those tweets.


The new Republican defense of Trump is to attack his motivation for demanding an investigation of the former vice president by claiming that Joe Biden is not a legitimate contender for the Republican nomination. Trump has been obsessed with Biden for years. Trump has viewed Biden as his most likely Democratic opponent for a very long time.

It doesn’t matter of one supports Joe Biden or not. On the basis of the polling evidence, Joe Biden is a legitimate contender for the Democratic nomination. Pretending anything else is true is a complete denial of reality.

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