Rep. Doug Collins Loses It Over Devin Nunes Getting Exposed In Ukraine Plot

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) threw a fit at the Trump impeachment hearing because Rep. Devin Nunes’s role in the Ukraine plot was exposed.

Doug Collins wants Devin Nunes crimes to remain a secret

Collins said:

What the problem I have herein is this, is if Rudy, Nunes were the only phone records returned from the subpoena, what why are these released? Here’s the problem. You took the committee and this is why I want to know who ordered it, the committee made a choice, Chairman Schiff, I’m assuming he’s not here or you who did get to come, thank you for showing up, made a conscious choice to put these records into the report. It was a drive-by. It was a gratuitous drive-by you wanted to smear the ranking member Orr these others because they were in those numbers that were connected to that. I’m not saying you knew the content or anything else.

In fact, you just admitted a second ago it was simply they were contacting these people. The problem I have with that is, you could have just as easily put if you’re wanting to do a professional non-smear report said congressperson one or congressperson two. Reporter one, reporter two. If they did not contribute to your report it is nothing but a drive-by. That’s the problem I have here.


According to Republicans, like Rep. Collins (R-GA), Adam Schiff is a “fact witness” who must testify, but the phone calls between House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani should have remained anonymous.

Nunes is likely facing an ethics investigation at minimum for his role in Trump’s Ukraine shakedown., but Doug Collins is showing that beneath the Republican impeachment sound and fury is a heart of corruption.

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