Fox Nrews cancels James Comey interview after IG report

Fox Cancels James Comey Interview After Bad For Trump IG Report

James Comey said that he was booked to appear on Fox News tonight, but his interview was canceled after the IG report was bad for Trump.

Comey said on MSNBC, “I offered to go on Fox and Friends which I gather is a very important program for supporters of the president. And they agreed last night to book me at 8:00 tomorrow. I figured I can’t change the minds of Fox viewers but I can give them actual facts. And after the report came out they canceled my appearance. They must’ve read the report.”


Fox and Friends thought that they were going to get to grill James Comey with Trump watching from the White House, but when the report was bad for Trump and confirmed everything that Comey claimed from the very beginning, Fox dropped the former FBI director, and presumably will now spend the segment that was supposed to be the Comey interview spinning the report to defend Trump.

Trump appeared to have no clue what was in the report when he commented on it from the White House.

Fox News confirmed in reporting news and facts. Their cancelation on James Comey adds more fuel to the belief that they are Trump propaganda.

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