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Kellyanne Conway Tells America To Not Be Interested In Impeachment

Kellyanne Conway tried to tell America not to be interested in impeachment while claiming that Bill Clinton, not Trump, deserved impeachment.

Conway said while talking to reporters at the White House, “The American people really don’t have much interest in it. If you look at the polls, it’s going in the other direction. I think that’s why the Democrats are spending money. I hope not taxpayer money, but that’s why they’re spending money trying to poll on focus groups trying to find out what are the best terms, what will the public accept. That’s not the way we remove presidents in the world’s greatest democracy. We remove presidents in extraordinary circumstances where the evidence is clear, right in front of us, as there was frankly with President Clinton. He perjured himself on August 17, 1998.”


A president who abused his power to extort a foreign country to interfere in an election for his personal benefit is an extraordinary circumstance. The evidence is right there in front of the eyes of the nation in the call transcript that the president released.

Kellyanne Conway is trying to distract America from paying attention to impeachment, and it’s not working. The White House thought that they would be able to use impeachment to their advantage. Instead, it is bringing down Trump, and even Kellyanne Conway can’t spin the danger away.

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