Trump Personally Blocked 12 Witnesses From Testifying At Impeachment

Dan Goldman testified at Judiciary Committee Impeachment hearing that Trump blocked 12 impeachment witnesses from testifying.

Here was the exchange between Goldman and Chairman Nadler:

Nadler: And I understand that October 8th the white house wrote a letter explaining that President Trump had direct his administration not to cooperate with the White House’s impeachment inquiry. In the letter the White House Counsel wrote, quote, President Trump cannot permit his administration to participate in this partisan inquiry understand the circumstances. The investigative committees tried to interview dozens of witnesses including current and former Trump administration officials and were stymied with respect to most of them, is that correct?

Goldman: There were 12 witnesses who were directed not to appear and ultimately they did not appear.


The claim that impeachment is unfair because Trump has no say in the process was debunked at Monday’s hearing. The reason why Democrats can’t get White House officials to testify on impeachment is that Donald Trump has blocked a dozen administration officials from showing up.

Trump is obstructing his own impeachment. The president doesn’t have any witnesses who will exonerate him, so he is blocking potentially damaging witnesses from testifying.

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